Commuter Solutions to Attract Employees and Improve Growth Strategies

Commuter Solutions to Attract Employees and Improve Growth Strategies

Built for Tennessee's World Class Companies

Large employers are in the most strategic position to better navigate the commute landscape of a region. CMUTER will give you the blueprint for influencing the commute behavior of employees, providing you with vision for future infrastructure and recruitment strategies.

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A Better Way to Address Your Employee's Commuter Challenges


Harness data from your own employee commute data so you know how they currently get to work. 


Manage your commuter product choices, including parking, transit, ridesharing, van commutes, and more.


Empower employees to make smart commute decisions by offering flexible daily choices, incentives, and peer-to-peer engagement.



Attract & Retain Employees

Offer Innovative Commuter Benefits:

  • Attract high-quality employees
  • Flexibility and convenience
  • Happier, healthier, more engaged employees

Reallocate Real Estate Dollars

Use Your Capital Wisely:

  • Eliminate parking lots
  • Generate financial savings
  • Optimize real estate assets
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Technology Designed for Large Employers

CMUTER is powered by Luum, an enterprise-grade commuter benefits management software. Luum is a digital technology that allows employers to be in the driver's seat. With Luum, CMUTER can activate commuter policies, engage employees, create attractive incentives, and support the implementation of forward-thinking demand management strategies.

Proof It Works


"This platform gave us the tools to make the right commute choices simpler and more convenient for our employees. Corporate change is notoriously difficult and slow moving, but in just a few months we completely transformed our commute behavior.”

– Becky, Director of Human Resources, Delta Dental of Washington


“In our organization, there’s competition for every dollar. This resource not only gives us the ability to access relevant data to design effective transportation programming, but also the ability to clearly communicate the value of our programs to senior leadership and gain their support.”

– Mark, Transportation Program Manager, Swedish Health Services


California’s Bay Area offers progressive new employee programs to encourage sustainable commuting

The San Francisco Bay Area is stepping up efforts to encourage collaborations between employers and employees to reimagine how the workforce commutes. A new commuter benefit — telework — recently was adopted for Bay Area businesses with 50 or more full-time employees. The new policy allows telework one or more days a week for all…
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Massive I-65 widening plan to ease congestion and provide a safer roadway

Ridesharers and drivers traveling in from Robertson and Sumner counties, as well as Kentucky, can expect orange construction barrels within the month as nearly 10 miles of Interstate 65 will be widened, improved and made safer, according to the Tennessee Department of Transportation. The planned widening will address congestion, improve safety and traffic operations and…
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I-24 MOTION project aims to figure ways to keep traffic moving

Ever been caught in a traffic jam and then suddenly, you’re moving at full speed?  No wreck. No disabled vehicle. No construction. No obvious reason for the jam. These “phantom jams” are caused by instability in traffic flow and are highly aggravating, particularly if you’re trying to get to work. Now, the Tennessee Department of…
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Amazon employees get a two-wheeled commuter benefit

Nashville’s Amazon employees who choose to bicycle to its downtown offices will get a new commuter benefit that covers the cost of bike maintenance, rentals, and more. The subsidy to cover costs associated with a bicycle commute include: Bike leases: Employees can lease a take-home bike, including e-bikes, for a monthly fee eligible for reimbursement. Bike…
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CMUTER is The TMA Group Transportation Demand Management Solution for Corporations.

CMUTER brings innovative commute, rideshare and transportation technology solutions to large employers in Tennessee. The end result is improved employee attraction and retention, effective use of employer’s resources and reduced regional traffic congestion.

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Who is TMA Group

The TMA Group, a 501(c)3, has been a Tennessee leader in regional transportation solutions since 1988. The TMA Group is focused on creating cost effective transportation solutions for communities and corporations in Middle Tennessee.

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